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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why this long weekend might suck

*Warning this is a long post/rant.

So for this long weekend we're in Jhb and my in-laws are staying with us :( The flat J's company rents for him for this project is a 2 bed-and-bath-room flat, so instead of staying at the Pta house with a car available for them they've decided to stay with us. This could be taken as a sign that perhaps I'm wrong in believing they don't like me, but there's no way it's true. I don't blame them for not wanting to stay at the Pta house, it's where J's grandfather died.

The thing is if we were just seeing J's extended family this weekend, it'd be good...the Jhb family are good people's who are easy to talk to and listen to what I have to say. His immediate family really don't like me because: "I try to hard to be liked" as told to me by my brother-in-law and I'm coloured - as told to J by his dad. Seriously, I can't do anything about wanting my in-laws to like me, it makes life easier and as far as my race goes tough. It just sucks that I have to spend time with people who I know don't think I'm good enough for their son and family. They're also rather tactless, when talking to his mom about my pcos news and how it'd be tougher for us to have kids she can't wait to tell me that my brother-in-law and his wife are having a boy, that just sucked. And this after she phoned J asking him if we were having kids cos E and his wife said they don't want to have any - guess that plan is off now.

I know that this sounds like I'm making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but you trying knowing that someone doesn't think you're good enough for 6 years. Yes, I know that all that should matter is that J loves me and he chose to be with me, but with my family issues it'd be nice to have some family that I didn't have issues with.

The weekend is off to a bad start already: in order to avoid a vegetarian meal my father-in-law has arranged for us to have dinner with one of the aunts, J's sister C waited till last night - she arrives tonight - to arrange for a pick up from the airport and somewhere to stay. As yet, she doesn't have somewhere to stay and guess who has to go to the airport at 22h00 to go pick her up?

Oh well, there's not much I can do about anything. All I can do is hope that my father-in-law doesn't say something *stupid again and that I manage to keep my mouth shut. Bright spot for the weekend, we'll be seeing friend K on Monday afternoon. :)

*He delights in telling me I've gotten fat every time he sees me.


  1. you shouldn't worry about whether or not they like you = as their son's wife, they're the ones who should be making an effort.

    sounds like you do all you can.

    and wtf. how's the FIL telling you you've gotten fat? seriously. tell him he's gotten old. that'll help him STFU.

  2. you're right i shouldn't and i'm working on it...the fil did go on about why i'm fat and i told him to look in the cupboards and fridge and see that we don't eat junk, our snack item is yoghurt.


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