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Monday, 12 April 2010

Catching up

Hey....yes, I know I'm the worst blogger ever :-/ Although I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who just has those lazy/can't be bothered to do anything phases.

So about that long easter weekend. Hmm it went so-so.
Bad parts:
*FIL spending the entire weekend critique my eating and activity habits - I told him to check out the fridge and cupboards...no junk/bad foods there and the only snack we keep is yoghurt.
*MIL getting upset that I told the extended family that us having kids is going to be tough in response to their "So when are you guys having a baby."
*Having FIL trying to convince us that E and his wife are very poor, that's why they live in a granny cottage parents built for them and why he's going to buy them a car - it's crazy if you ask me J made payments on his car while still a student with a part time job, so surely the 2 of them can make car payments.
*SIL being all huffy about having to stay at our place on Thursday and Sunday evening - although her dad is a pain, so can't blame her. *
*Needing to eat out all the time because the in-laws didn't want my cooking - on the other hand it did help pass time when it was just them and us...so maybe not that bad.
*No yum cha, which means no dim sum :(

The good parts:
*The extended family - seriously they be good people's who are easy to talk too...and they make you feel like you're family.
*The food - ok so there was no bao/dim sum/char siu - but there was a lot of tasty food had over the weekend and some kick-ass deserts.
*My SIL and I actually getting along/no weird awkwardness, J thinks it has something to do with suffering through the experience of his dad.
*It passing pretty quickly.

So that was the long weekend, as for the rest of the stuff it's pretty much been the same as usual. You know the never ending job search and plans to move back to Cape Town. Wait, it's not just been the same...we've been talking more and more about moving back to CT and starting our own business, well our own friendly local game store. So it's become my job to do the research involved so that we can be sure we're making the right choice. So an adventure is starting :) Also in 13 days time we'll be married for a year :) So being married for a year is all fun and exciting, but we've also been together for over 6 years...so it feels odd too. Oh yes, the med taking has gotten better too...it does seem that part of the problem was that in order to get 250mg I had to break a 500mg tablet, and that breaking it lead to faster absorbtion. Even though I'm on 500mg now, it's much better. Yay :)

I figure you're all caught up now :)

*Seriously no one in the family seems to like my FIL, so I don't feel bad about him not liking me...most of the time.


  1. Starting your gaming store in Cape Town sounds exciting! Now I'll have somewhere to shop if I ever make it South Africa. :-)

  2. Well exciting and scary at the same time, but it should be fun :)


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