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Friday, 30 April 2010

Catching up and 02/05

So I've slipped back into that habit of blogging once a week :-/ Soon I'll get it right to blog more often. So the anniversary weekend got off to a bad start, Jerall missed his flight from Jhb to Dbn due to a pile-up, so he and his work colleague drove down on Saturday. On Saturday we watched Kick Ass, it's soooo cool, check out this review. Sunday was prezzie day :p Jerall got me Lips and a surprise trip to a spa for a hot stone full body massage, head and should and knee to foot massages. My gifts to him seem not as cool in comparison, but he did like them. Not having much cash did hamper my options a bit. I made him an apple crumble and tons of love vouchers. The one voucher I can share with you is for washing the dishes. J always tends to do them, as our rule is if you cooked you don't do them.

If you're wondering about the pic it's because it's Jerall's birthday on Sunday. Yes, we did get married a week before his birthday. We picked the date because of the spat of public holidays, it meant the most time off with the least amount of leave taken. I meant to put up a pic of just him, but alas we don't have any :-/ I'll try to rectify it at some point, but as both of us aren't photo people it'll be hard. For his birthday we're doing what we always do, I love traditions :) A bunch of friends and us are watching Iron Man 2 and having sushi for dinner. At first J's birthday tradition was friends and us having a sushi dinner, but ever since comic based movies started coming out close to his birthday it's been movie and sushi.

That's about it for now, have a great weekend.


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