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Thursday, 14 January 2010

2010: The year that will be

I have this strange habit, I wait for mid January to make my new year resolutions, because then they aren't really resolutions...just things I'd like to achieve. So here goes:

*Get my license. I really, really want that piece of plastic, granted I might not do much driving when I have it, but I must have it. And steps are being taken towards it, on Wednesday I'll be going to book my learner's again.

*Have more meatless days. I want us to get fit and healthy and I think that an important part of it will be picking up better eating habits. We're already not having coke or other soft drinks so yay :)

*Do more exercise. See the point above.

*Move, either back to Cape Town or somewhere brand new, Canada. We're young, fancy free and with no big ties to the country so why not go on a big adventure? That said if it doesn't work out then going back to CT would be great too.

*See more of the world.

*Work on getting over my issues.

*Learn another language. I'm not to sure which one at this point so am taking suggestions.

Hmmm that's pretty much it.



  1. No Coke? I'd die. For real. lol I love me some coca cola! :)

    Great goals!

  2. Thanks much :) No coke for real...it's hard, but getting it right would be awesome.

  3. never been a fan of fizzy drinks, but am trying to cut down on how much pasta i eat (usually insane amounts, i could eat it for every meal)

    i'm cutting down on smoking (slightly, but not quitting)

    and if you're looking for vegetarian recipes that are delicious, nutritious and easy to make - let me know - most of my cooking is vegetarian/meatless or involves chicken.

    am also determined to get licence - have test booked for the 3rd of feb. if you're battling to get test dates, try www.licencebookings.co.za, even though they charge like 300 bucks, it's worth it :)

  4. cutting down on pasta, now that's hard...it's sooo delicious, hope it works for you :)

    thanks for the offer for the recipes, will add you to the list of suppliers ;)

    also thanks for link


  5. Good luck getting your license! I remember that test. I got marked down for "not looking in the mirrors enough." BS. I WAS WEARING SUNGLASSES, IDIOT. I'm still slightly bitter, as you might be able to tell.

  6. They mark people down for the silliest things...don't worry i'm still bitter too. Whenever someone in front of us rolls as they take off from the lights I have some choice mutterings.


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