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Thursday, 17 December 2009

2009: The year that wasn't

I have a lot to be grateful for, as overall 2009 was a pretty great year for me. But before I move onto the awesome stuff that happened...here's my thoughts on those things that didn't happen.

*I didn't get my drivers license. It shames me, that I'm almost 25 and I don't have my license, I can drive, but I won't go the illegal driver route...it's not something I could bring my self to do. I failed because I rolled, you know on the hill bit designed to test your clutch control, that's what sunk my test. Then my learner's expired and now I need to do it all again...but I will get my license. I will not be like my mother and some of my aunts, who depend on their husbands or other people to get them somewhere.

*I didn't complete my masters. It's looking like this part might remain in it's current state for the next few years. With me pursuing the freelance thing, it's better for out finances if only one of us is doing the whole masters thing, and J has a supportive supervisor...so he gets to do it.

*I still didn't work out/learn to manage my issues with my mother better.

*I didn't loose my "I need everyone to like me" problem. Rationally I know that everyone I meet won't always like me, but emotionally - and I think this stems from the mother issues - it just gets to me that everyone doesn't like me. By everyone, I mean people I know, after all if you don't know I exist how can you like me?

There'll be a post following this with happier thoughts.


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