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Thursday, 17 December 2009

2009: The year that was

This past year has rocked for so many reasons...and because this is my blog I get to say why :)

*I went on my first ever over-the-sea trip [it was also our first trip over-the-sea together] to Toronto, it rocked. It rocked because: we had tons of dim sum, went to like a million game stores, all within walking distance from a subway stop, we used safe and reliable public transport and even though the exchange rate was 8 to 1 we came back with 24 books! Yes, books are that much cheaper overseas.

*I went on my first visit to a game reserve and game drive [ again another first together one :)]. J won the trip at his Christmas party the year before.

*We got married. In a city far away from where we live - it was easier that way, it meant that we'd be the only people who had to do major travel, almost everyone else that was invited lived in the same city or a few hours away by car...this wasn't an issue because we picked a Saturday that was part of a long weekend.

*Managed to get a few photo's of us. This is a big deal because in the 5 years and a bit of dating we only had 2, yes 2, photo's of the two of us...and now we have more. And the boy promised that we could do a mini photo shoot, to get more, every year. Yay :)

*I got to quit my horrible job. It was so bad, that in the month before I left I worked 22 hours over time on a project and they never bothered to give me any compensation.

*Got to be part of the Nevermet Press team, thanks to whom I have: no empty spots on my cv and my first every publication billed as the associate editor. It's just sooo freaking cool.

*Meet some really cool people on the internets.

*Meet a really cool person in real life.

*Got reacquainted with some great old friends.

*Got to spend a month with one of my best friends before he left for the UK for a year. This one is a big deal, because for the past 2 and a bit years we'd been living in different parts of the country and didn't really get to see each other face to face often.

*I sent Christmas cards to 7 countries, 6 if you don't include SA. This one seems silly, but I love this time of year and sending cards rocks.

*J and I made a really exciting decision about where we're moving to next year, so bring on 2010. :)

Over all this year has been great, yes there've been some issues...but the good stuff far outweigh the bad.



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