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Friday, 25 May 2018

Hi There

Hiya folks,

Lately it seems that my posts tend towards the catch-up variety...and it's okay. Here we are life keeps on ticking away, and we're nearly half way though 2018 0_0

Part of the reason why I've not been blogging as much as I would have liked to is pretty simply because I over extended myself this semester. Yip, I look at the year in terms of the first and second semester - the first one started about end Jan and is going on till the start of July when exams end. With teaching classes ending a week ago it feels like I can finally breathe. I'm definitely doing less next semester. Over extension is a real problem - I hope you don't end up doing the same to yourself. At it's worst I was having crying jags because I went to go sleep instead of keeping on pushing. Yip, not exactly the best thing. But it's better now, so that's something.

Onto the lighter things we go.

Keiden is being a busy, silly goose as ever :p He is making massive strides at swimming, and swimming on his own - with the pool noodle under his arms. He also went on his first flight, train ride and hotel stay in April. We went with Jerall on a Jhb work trip - bubble baths and showers were had :D Keiden was such a champ, the flight was just the right length for him. Bonus in that he is a much better flier than I am; I need meds and he doesn't. He still very excitedly talks about it, and is looking forward to our visit to PE to see his grandparents.

We've recently made the connection that Keiden is highly empathetic. A few things about him now makes a lot more sense to me. Now the trick is to work with it and use it to better understand and do what's best for him. Right now it means being more aware when watching shows with him, and less having him watching his lego shows without us.

Jerall is carrying on as his usual self, but has also taken on some more things. We're still figuring out that juggle as well as we can, but it should be more fixed in the next few weeks. This grown-up business is tough, and I'm so glad to have him to deal with it with me.

I'm going to end this post with asking how are you, and sharing some music videos that have just been on constant loop for me.

Ps. Janelle Monae is BOSS!


  1. I am doing well. I understand about being overextended. I'm part of a software upgrade project and each of us on my team are doing three separate jobs! My kids are 6th and 7th graders now, so I feel old.

    My daughter is very empathic. We have to be careful with movies because she relates to all the characters' joys and pains. She loved The Last Jedi, but it was an emotional rollercoaster for her. (She does cosplay as Rey.) I made the mistake of taking her to The Force Awakens without checking it out. She was dressed as Solo!

    Anyway, hope next semester goes well for you!

    1. John, I'm such a goose and didn't see this comment till today 0_0 Apologies for the late reply. Hope the upgrade went well.

      Empathic kids are tricky...also Rey is boss :)

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