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Monday, 2 April 2018

Currently - well more like it's been awhile

Well, hi there folks it's been awhile. It's a catch-up/currently post because I have some book related posts coming soon. I figured let's not just have a bunch of reviews.

Hmmmm since I last wrote there's been a few things. I finally got my mark for my MA. It's so much more than I was expecting, I got my degree cum laude aka a distinction :D The picture below is of Jerall and I post the graduation ceremony.

I got into my big dream university for my PhD. But funding is an issue...also that whole it's in an entirely different country. So while there are aspects of doing my PhD elsewhere, and the impact thereof on my career...career does not trump family. So I'm working on sorting it out to do my PhD at Stellenbosch. Writing it here, it's a short thing...but gosh did this whole thing stress me out. It's quite ridiculous how long it took and how it played out -_-

Keiden is happy at school. There were a few rough moments with him getting a new teacher, and some silly things with his friends. But overall he is happy and having fun, so that's a win. He's making great strides at swimming, and is swimming more and more by himself. Life skills ftw! On the not so great side, his paediatrician based on some recent bouts of sickness - and allergies - has given Keiden an asthma diagnosis. My kid is a rock star and so so good at the twice daily pump.

Jerall is being ever himself, so that's good. His thesis is a work in progress, but come September he should be submitting. So I've told him he has to start his PhD next year too :p

I may have sightly over extended myself, but busy is better than not. Am tutoring 2 third year modules and 1 first year module this semester. May tutor less next semester - need to try and get an article or two out of my M.

Overall, I think things are going generally well and on the positive side of contentment for my little family. And that's all good.

How have you been?


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