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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Now you are four

Dear Keiden,

Today you turned four, and as you keep on telling us it means you're big boy now. Sometimes I'm not to sure about that, but I do know that you're most definitely not the little monkey we brought home from the hospital. Instead, now you're a fully blown silly goose. Well also a kiddie-binki, a silly, mommy's love, kiddio, goosey-loosey, sweetie pie, silly nanana and always mommy's baby.

Your year of three has been an interesting one. You started swimming lessons - you took some time to get into it, but now it's one of your favourite things. You go to lessons on Friday afternoons, then we have lunch at daddy's office, after which you and I go to the library and gardens. Sometimes, we both have silly moments, but mostly mommy really enjoys spending that time with you. We both agree that books are awesome :D

It's also been the year that Lego became a big thing for you. You decided that duplo was for babies, and as you're a big boy it'll only be Lego proper for you. Fortunately when you decided this, there was friend having a birthday who got to enjoy getting lots of blocks. You have spent hours and hours "reading" the instruction books, paging through the Lego catalogue, watching lego videos on youtube and building ALL THE THINGS. You often build something, and tell me to take a picture. Something you and daddy do often is see a cool toy - like your friend's marble maze, and then go home and build it from lego. You make up some great adventures and stories for your mini figs...all while asking me if mine can play too (it's still a no on that goose).

Given how much lego has been a big thing for you, it's not surprising that your first movie at the cinema was Lego Batman. And while you liked Batman, he still doesn't top your love for Captain America and Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars, the Last Jedi was your second ever movie at the cinema. I'm still disturbed though by you being a big fan of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren...it just doesn't mesh with how much you like Luke, Asoka, Ezra and Rei. You really enjoyed your advent calendar, and very generously gave mommy the builds and mini figs you weren't that keen on :p

Although goose, its not surprising that you happily share. Your kindness is something I'm in awe of, also it's something school mentions in your reports, along with your dance moves (dance moves that are something all you, mommy and daddy don't have any). Your kindness, gentleness and caring heart are something that explains just why you seem to have many friends at school. Although, I'd appreciate if you'd remember that P is your friend that is a girl, not girlfriend. 

You've settled in more at school, something I'm glad happened. It seems Keiden, that while you're slow to warm to people, once you've decided that someone is your friend they're your friend for always. This also means you want to see your friends all the time. So school holidays were tough for you, you missed seeing your people. E is one of your people not from school, and goodness do you love seeing him. It's a good thing that his parents and yours are friends too. He and his mom are often people we ask to come with on our exploring.

Our exploring has carried on, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and not do much. Well other than build, read some stories and play "cooking game" with daddy. Playing in your kitchen, or playing cooking games with daddy on his computer are such fun for you. But not as much fun as when you and daddy cook or bake together. Your year of three had you making sandwiches, stirring all the pots, and making cheese sauce and pancakes. I hope that cooking stays something you enjoy.

Three was the year when you moved away from baby and toddler things to big boy life. And while it's been great to see, it's also been hard. Your stubbornness has been something epic, not to mention this habit of back chat. Best you sort that out this year :p

My Keiden, there is no one and there will never be anyone like you EVER. 

Love you lots and lots,


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