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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Let's chat about teacher presents

So here's the thing, I had no idea teacher presents was a thing until recently. Growing-up there was never anyone given gifts to anyone - there just wasn't money for such thing. Sure there were amazing teachers, but the best I could do was write them a note.

And then I started reading mommy blogs, and I was all hold on, what is this think about teacher presents? In no way am I saying that the people we entrust our children to, the ones who can help keep the flame of learning bright don't deserve all our thanks. But, I've noticed that teacher presents has just become another thing that reinforces certain ways of thinking and being...ways of thinking and being that can hurt.

What is the point of giving a gift to your child's teacher? To express thanks, but does this mean that we automatically need to reach for our wallets? Is there no way to express our appreciation for all that the person does not automatically mean going to a shop? 

While there are those who spend a lot of time on finding the right gift for the right person, not all of us invest that in gift giving. And what are we teaching our children, that the only way to say thank you for something profound is with money? Surely, as people we are so much more than just what we can spend on others.

And what about those children at nursery - like my Keiden. There is more than his class teacher, and the two assistants who are part of his day and school experience. Every adult at his school knows who he is, and he who they are. How dare we ignore those who focus on the kitchen or buildings and grounds? All of those people matter to your child's experience at school.

I have no clear answer, but I do know that it's important to me that the person I want Keiden to be recognizes all who make a difference to his day. And that while giving gifts is lovely, what's important is the recognition and appreciating of what someone has done. How you make someone feel is far more important than what you give them.


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