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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

On some of my favourite people

Hiya folks, here's a random post for you from the ether :p

A bit ago the five of us (the five of us are me and the four awesome ladies you see with me in the pic to the left) were having one of our random chats. This one came from a guest post thoughts tangent. We figured everyone do a guest post for each other's blogs. 

And while I'm still figuring out what I would actually write for their blogs, I was immediately hit with an idea of sharing why each of them is one of my favourite people. And as such I'm going to indulge myself and talk about some of my favourite people - who I talk to daily. People who have the very rare gift of being able to speak Cassey - which may or may not be why they're some of my favourite people :p

I'm going to go in reverse alphabetical order, because I figure Zoe hardly gets to go first with things :p

Zoe, (who you can find here) is one of my favourite people because she talks geek, baby wearing, has a quirky sense of humor that matches mine. I can send her messages just containing emojis and she gets what I want to say. She has the most wonderful gift of being a listener who knows how to get you to see all sides of something. She applies rationality to things with a massive extra portion of love/get-it/understanding of who she is speaking to.

Mandy, (who you can find here) is one of my favourite people because she's a great big squishy of love, believe-in-others and goodness. There is no one I know that has such unwavering faith in others, who chases after dreams and just cares as much as her. Mandy always, always speaks with love...even when there might be situations that don't deserve her love, it's still there. Love and care makes her.

Jonelle, (who you can find here) is one of my favourite people because she makes plans and follows through on them. She is and will always be unabashedly herself. She will speak the truth to you - even if you think you don't need it, she will have you see it. Her see to the heart of something gift, is all kinds of mad skills.

Ella, (who you can find here) is one of my favourite people because she is also a truth teller. She tells you the truth in a different way to Jonelle, but between the two of them the truth shall be had. Love and care is also baked into what she does. Ella is just all kinds of amazing, and her story has you seeing it. And the way she parents her A...all the love.

So I'm sure you can see with these four amazing ladies around, it certainly makes my day better. They are my truth tellers, the ones who believe in me, who offer support and get-it-ness. Sure we have our silly goose moments, but goodness is it worth it. The care, love and cheerleader-ness is one of the best things, #thatisall :p


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