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Friday, 12 May 2017

Five for Friday

Yesterday, I submitted my intent to submit form. It's official, my thesis will be handed in on 1 November 2017 0_o It's scary, but also the right kind of external push for me to get myself working properly again.

Keiden has decided that now is the time to embrace every, single tantrum he didn't throw this year. This morning he lost so many toy privileges *sigh*. I'm hoping that it's all related to him getting back to his self post the stupid chickenpox.

No tutoring and the associated marking for two months. All the happy dancing is going on. It does also mean that I have no excuse to not write.

As coffee has been basically the only thing keeping me going for the past while, this is a great read on where it came from.

This video has just been giving me little happy giggles. I don't know why, but I'm just enjoying it - "Totes whatever, it's not a shocker." :D

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