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Friday, 21 April 2017

Five for Friday

When saying goodnight to K, I often say "Goodnight, my Keiden." I said so to him last night and he responded with "Goodnight, my mommy." I was all kinds of goo then. It was really great, because earlier this week I said love to him, and he followed it with a "No, you don't love me" - it was after I told him to behave.

I'm working on doing daily writing for my thesis. Part of it is building in a way to be accountable about it...which is tricky given my tendency to not stick to things that are to my benefit.

My love of carbs and sugar is kicking my oh, so wobbly ass. And now I'm doing some serious thinking on introducing meat back into my diet. It's a how to work with my ethical convictions and health consideration that needs to happen. It's going to be a long hard think.

Whenever I think I've found the right thing to flick my switch from lazy to not, it doesn't quite work. And seriously, it's been incredibly frustrating that one way to deal with a lot of my ish, would be for me to ditch the lazy habit.And I just can't get it to stick. Ugh.

My favourite podcast is going on a break for 3 months from the end of the month. So any recommendations would be appreciated :)


  1. GO read yesterday's post on my blog


    there are tons of suggestions :)

    1. Just after I posted, I read your post Marcia :) Am enjoying the desert island one.


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