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Friday, 13 January 2017

Five for Friday: Odds and Ends Edition

  • This post by Marcia, has tickled my fancy. The idea of focusing on small, and on something specifically for happiness is just great. But realistically, it's likely to be a thing for me for next year.
  • The song below has been looped a few times recently. I'm not sure what draws me to it - well besides the skill of Lin-Manuel Miranda, but it's great. And I really, really want to go watch Moana. 

  • So far the doing daily yoga challenge has gone okay-ish. I missed a day due to the heat knocking me into feeling gross-ville. And then yesterday, I did a 10 minute video from a different yoga channel. And folks, it didn't work for me. I so prefer yoga from the awesome Adrienne
  • I'm trying to figure out the right plan my day balance. Over planning leads to feeling more stressed out, but I can't keep on asking myself if I was productive enough or not. Yes, this is thesis related - face it much of this years talk from me will be about my thesis. I might have to shift the goal posts to December instead of September to submit, but I am not prepared to do that now. The pressure of it, and drive that comes from that, works for me.
  • There are some great people to be found, and chatting to them is great.


  1. Yes I loved Marcia's post you shared with me...achievable and impactful I think!

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled that it tickled your fancy, Cassey.

      I still think you should join me :)

    2. I should, but I just don't see now. More has been added to my plate 0_o


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