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Friday, 26 May 2017

Five for Friday

In a recent post, Ella used a phrase I'm loving: "drowning in life". And that, folks is me, so me right now it's all kinds of ridiculous.

My big girl dreams - another thanks to Ella phrase - are kicking my ass. My timeline for my thesis got moved up. I'm to give my supervisor a completed final draft in the first week of September. So ummm excuse me while I cry in the corner while not really sleeping and living on coffee and carbs.

On a happier note, Keiden is counteracting some of the worst toddler moments with extra cute ones. He recently told me in the midst of me being mid grump with him over his behavior that he likes lying with me at night and that he likes me (all the awwww). Sure, it was most likely a moment of manipulation too, but it was just all kinds of mommy heart melting.

This on the establishment is just all kinds of an amazing read. It's that kick start we all need to take a good look at why we believe what we believe/what got us thinking along a certain path.

And to end on a smile, yesterday morning Jerall made cake for breakfast :D

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Book Thursday: Blitz and Review Saying I Do by Tracey Alvrez

Two guesses as to who signed up for a book blitz in order to get something great to read? Yip, me. This is my stop during the book blitz for Saying I Do by Tracey Alvarez.

Saying I DoSaying I Do (Stewart Island #8)
by Tracey Alvarez

Marriage and happily-ever-after are for suckers…
Joe Whelan was fooled once on the way to the altar, and the Irish doctor isn’t about to be an eejit over a woman again. Especially not one who witnessed his broken-hearted humiliation years ago. He won’t be swayed by the sparks that fly whenever his eyes meet MacKenna’s or distracted by her sweet kisses. The only thing Joe cares about is preventing his sister from making the biggest marital mistake of her life.

MacKenna Jones loves a good wedding—so long as she’s sewing the bride’s gown, not walking down the aisle herself. Falling for Joe Whelan’s sexy bedside manner wasn’t on the cards, neither was a seven-day road trip with him to Las Vegas, the Marriage Capital of the World. When the stakes are so high, will these two gun-shy cynics ever say I Do?

You can find Saying I Do on Goodreads

Listen to the soundtrack for Saying on I Do on Youtube

You can buy Saying I Do here:
- Amazon US
- Amazon UK
- Amazon CA
- Amazon Australia
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
- iBooks
- Smashwords
Here's what I thought of the book.

Saying I DoSaying I Do by Tracey Alvarez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is just something about a series, that sense of calm when you return to a familiar setting. The saying hi to friends and catching up. And just a little bit of all round feel good magic.

This book, did all of that and then some. It was just such a great read. I love the peaks at others from previous reads in the series, but mostly I love Dr Joe and Mac [or MacKenzie because I'm not sure if we're friends ;)].

I'm not normally a fan of flashing back scenes, but they were used very well here. The filling in of details in a show, not tell way is always appreciated. The flashback scenes further added in helping me understand just why and how certain things were issues.

It wasn't all super serious. As I've come to expect from Tracey Alvarez, there was tons of laughs too. Laughs, steam and an oh so happy story made this a great read :)

*I am a lucky fish and received an ARC of the book :)*

There is a tour wide giveaway for the book blitz of Saying I Do. This giveaway ends May 25th.

One winner will win a prize pack (over $65 value) which includes:
~ Playing For Fun signed paperback (Playing For Fun is Book 6 in the series, and features Mac's cousin Holly)
~ Fun NZ theme tote bag
~ New Zealand Wild Ferns Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey Rejuvenating Face Pack
~ New Zealand Wild Ferns Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey Conditioning Lip Balm
~ Alpine Silk Manuka Honey Hand Cream
~ Alpine Silk Manuka Honey with Propolis Triple Milled Luxury Soap
~ Handcrafted in New Zealand woven Hessian Kete with feathers
~ 4 New Zealand Paua Shell Wine Glass Charms
~ Author magnet (not pictured)
~ Author bookmark (not pictured)
Saying I Do giveaway graphic

Giveaway rules
* Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or anything else.
* All due care will be made in ensuring the prize arrives at the winner’s address, but the author is unable to refund prize value in any way should it not arrive due to postal disaster.
* Entries close on May 25th and winner will receive a direct e-mail from me shortly after – so please ensure Tracy Alvarez’s e-mail address is added to your safe/contacts list. If the author doesn’t receive a reply from the winner in 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below.

To qualify for the bonus 5 entries, you'll need to purchase Saying I Do and answer this question in the space provided in the rafflecopter. The question is: What is the last 4-word sentence at the end of Chapter 13?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Shades of warmth

On a day where it seems like the hate in the world will just sweep us all aside in its quest to paint everything in a shade of ugly, I figure now is a good time to take a moment for things that make for shades of warmth in the world.

I am grateful for
  • love
  • time with Jerall and Keiden
  • amazing, supportive friendships
  • the tech that allows me to check in with those far away
  • cuddles
  • coffee
  • good books
  • tea
  • funny songs 
  • funny videos
  • learning more
  • playing with blocks with Keiden
  • reading stories with Keiden
  • comfortable silence
  • warm and fuzzy slippers and gowns
  • pancakes for breakfast
  • laughing
What's bringing shades of warmth to your world today?

Monday, 22 May 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Five for Friday

Yesterday, I submitted my intent to submit form. It's official, my thesis will be handed in on 1 November 2017 0_o It's scary, but also the right kind of external push for me to get myself working properly again.

Keiden has decided that now is the time to embrace every, single tantrum he didn't throw this year. This morning he lost so many toy privileges *sigh*. I'm hoping that it's all related to him getting back to his self post the stupid chickenpox.

No tutoring and the associated marking for two months. All the happy dancing is going on. It does also mean that I have no excuse to not write.

As coffee has been basically the only thing keeping me going for the past while, this is a great read on where it came from.

This video has just been giving me little happy giggles. I don't know why, but I'm just enjoying it - "Totes whatever, it's not a shocker." :D

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dear chickenpox

Let me count the ways in which I loathe you. Or rather let me not...I don't have enough words, nor the time or inclination to actually do so.

Rather, let me just tell you folks that chickenpox is the WORST. Really, really it is. And of course the one vaccination we couldn't get for Keiden  - stupid shortages - is the one "kiddie" illness my kid gets.

It has been a very painful, very long, tantrum and whine filled 8 days. I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy, no one should deal with this.

Keiden has been so, so unhappy...and seeing your kid so horrid just cuts you to the bone. Not forgetting that your kid not sleeping means you don't sleep.

Fortunately, Keiden is doing better. He's not yet at full health, but healthy enough to go to school and not make other kids sick. See he eats and takes meds at school without any issue. And those are the two things that need to happen to get him to 100%

Part of me is all, "I'm the worst parent in the world; for sending my not yet 100% kid to school." And the other part is all he needs to  eat, I need a break, he needs a break. Long live school.

Parenting is hard, hard, hard.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Watching: Legends of Tomorrow with Jerall, Avatar with Keiden and CrashCourse videos

Reading:  As much Bourdieu as I can get my hands on. And the Myths & Legends Boxset.

Listening: This, over and over for some reason

Doing:  Thesis work, prepping for a presentation to my department on my work today. Reading, avoiding writing. And the usual life stuff.

Contemplating: How I'm coming to actively dislike Stellenbosch. I'm so, so tired of J, K and I often being the only PoC customers at places. And then we have people always assuming that we're not from Stellenbosch - as in how can we be from this town when we're not white. It is so, so irksome.

How are you doing?

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Friday, 21 April 2017

Five for Friday

When saying goodnight to K, I often say "Goodnight, my Keiden." I said so to him last night and he responded with "Goodnight, my mommy." I was all kinds of goo then. It was really great, because earlier this week I said love to him, and he followed it with a "No, you don't love me" - it was after I told him to behave.

I'm working on doing daily writing for my thesis. Part of it is building in a way to be accountable about it...which is tricky given my tendency to not stick to things that are to my benefit.

My love of carbs and sugar is kicking my oh, so wobbly ass. And now I'm doing some serious thinking on introducing meat back into my diet. It's a how to work with my ethical convictions and health consideration that needs to happen. It's going to be a long hard think.

Whenever I think I've found the right thing to flick my switch from lazy to not, it doesn't quite work. And seriously, it's been incredibly frustrating that one way to deal with a lot of my ish, would be for me to ditch the lazy habit.And I just can't get it to stick. Ugh.

My favourite podcast is going on a break for 3 months from the end of the month. So any recommendations would be appreciated :)

Thursday, 20 April 2017


You may have seen this #rockingmotherhood tag/post idea doing the rounds. The wonder that is Ella, tagged me...so here goes.

1) I love him like I love no one else. Loving Keiden is a very different love than that of how I love Jerall, which is different to how I love friends, which is different to how I love extended family.

2) Hugs, kisses, cuddles and I love you's are always happening. I believe that physical affection is important, and especially for boys who have the world telling them to be tough. It's something that will stay important, especially in those teen years. So I'm setting it up now for later.

3) I foster his independence. It is so hard to just let him do things, but we do our best to encourage and support him doing things for himself. 

4) I am his biggest cheerleader. It is important to be that he knows he is always supported and loved no matter what. I don't ever want Keiden to feel like he has to earn my love and support by doing certain things. So I cheer when he keeps on trying, I cheer when he succeeds at something and I cheer him for trying and it not working out the way he wants.

5) I let him know that failure is okay. This parenting part of me comes from wanting him to do and be better than I am. I struggle with failure, a lot. So when he tries something and it doesn't work we let him know that it's okay. He can try again. And that different people are good at different things.

6) I teach him respect. This is done by respecting his decisions. I ask for hugs and kisses, and he does the same. It's his body, his decision what to do with it. On the smaller scale, he picks out his clothes, decides from options as to what to eat when out and about, isn't forced to finish a meal, decides on wants to do things with/have at his birthday party and decides from options on what to do over the weekends.

7) I show him that gender doesn't matter. This one is hard, because we're fighting some silly things he gets told at school. Once he said only daddies drive. So although I don't, we made sure to remind him that a lot of the other women in his life do. Jerall and I both do different chores in the house, so he knows it's no one gender/person responsible for something. We show him female heroes, and generally point out how everyone can do cool stuff.

8) I foster his geeky self and other passions.  He loves playing with Lego, cooking and reading. We make sure he has a space to do that. He is currently going through a Star Wars phase - so we listen to John Williams music over and over.

9) I have amazing people in his life. And we make time to see them, so he learns that valuing people and friendships is important.

10) I'm creating an excitement for adventure/exploring/see the world. This is happening with our weekend exploring, finding books, introducing him to new ideas. Adventure is all around us.

 And now I tag you, yes you ;) Use this if you want.

Specifically I'm going to tag MeeA, Marcia and Cat.

  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog. 
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10.)
  3. Tag 3 – 5 bloggers to join in the #RockingMotherhood Tag. 
  4. Grab the #RockingMotherhgood badge and add it to your post or sidebar.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Book Blitz: Release Day Myths & Legends

So remember this post, and this one? Well today is release day for the box set. And there is a giveaway to go with it.

Take a look :)


Today is the release day for the Myths & Legends boxed set! Get 20 books from 20 different authors in one boxed set for only 0.99$!

Myths & Legends is a compilation of 20 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads currently available to buy for only 99c, including works from New York Times, USA Today, Bestselling, and various Award-Winning authors.

You can find Myths & Legends on Goodreads

20 books in one boxed set for only 0.99$!
Buy the Myths & Legends boxed set for only 0.99$ here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
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Myths & Legends boxed set cover

The Authors:
Margo Bond Collins
N.R. Larry
Joanne Wadsworth
J.H. Croix
Madisyn Ashmore
Michelle Madow
Amber Lynn Natusch
Chrissy Peebles
Genevieve Jack
Siobhan Davis
S.L. Morgan
J.L. Hendricks
Lisa Manifold
Corinne O’Flynn
Andrea Pearson
Emily Martha Sorensen
Ever Coming
Sarah M Cradit
Rachael Slate
Olivia Wildenstein
Cael Percy

Release Day Giveaway
Myths & Legends Giveaway banner

The authors of this box set are hosting a big giveaway to celebrate the release of the Myths & Legends box set! One winner will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

For a chance to win enter the giveaway here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Wide Giveaway

During the book blitz for Myths & Legends there’s a tour wide giveaway! These are the prizes you can win:
- 5 Myths & Legends Boxsets
- 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards
- Various signed paperbacks by the participating authors

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A little more on the Myths & Legends Box Set

Hiya folks. Yes, it's another post where I'm talking part in a book blog tour. There's one piece of info that should be front and centre. If you pre-order the set, you can get another 17 free reads. Yip, I said 17. So if you're keeping count that is 37 books for $0.99. Which is all kinds of ridiculous.

I've already read two of the bonus books, The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Sarah Wilde, and Lagniappes by Sarah M Cradit...and they alone are worth so much more than the pre-order price. So treat your book loving self and give this a look.


Myths & Legends banner

Today is my stop during the book blitz for the Myths & Legends Boxed Set. This is the fifth post during this tour. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

I’m introducing a few of the participating authors and showcasing some of their books/back catalogue.

Ever Coming

Filled with the desire to write books she wouldn’t want her mama to know she read, much less wrote, Ever Coming was born.
Ever Coming is the pen name of an international best selling author who simply wanted some heat with her sweet romances. When she is not reading and writing romances, Ever is usually found enjoying time with her kids and husband.
You can learn more about Ever Coming on her website.

Check out her book Riding Her Unicorn!
Riding Her Unicorn

One broken Jaguar.
One sexy Unicorn.
A whole lot of yummy goodness.

Can a broken Jaguar and a smexy billionaire Unicorn have more than just a hot fling?

Sarah M Cradit
Sarah M Cradit

Sarah is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Paranormal Southern Gothic series, The House of Crimson Clover, born of her combined passion for New Orleans, family sagas, and the mysterious complexity of human nature. Her work has been described as rich, emotive, and highly dimensional.
You can learn more about Sarah M Cradit on her website

Check out her book St. Charles at Dusk!
St. Charles at Dusk

A father’s threats. A tragic accident. Unanswered questions. Oz Sullivan has finally moved past the tangled web surrounding his brief, but intense, relationship with the young, impetuous Adrienne Deschanel.

Then Adrienne unexpectedly emerges, with no memory of the life she once led. Her desperate attempt to flee the confusing and dark influences in the bayou instinctively propels her to the one face for which she has a name. Oz’s world is once again turned upside down, as he must decide how to help her without losing himself entirely.

Rachael Slate
Rachael Slate

Rachael has explored forgotten temples in Cambodia, kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, and stood inside the Roman Coliseum. She loves studying people and cultures, current and ancient. Her appetite for romance began with Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, which she later nurtured with a healthy dose of Jane Austen.

As a writer of scorching hot fantasy romance, Rachael blends the lines between mythology, reality, and fantasy. In her worlds, you'll encounter strong, sexy alpha males and the capable women who challenge them. If her heroines can't meet their heroes toe-to-toe, then they'll bring them to their knees.
You can learn more about Rachael Slate on her website.

Check out her book Earth Borne!
Earth Borne

Melita's shadowed past holds a secret that could shatter the centuries-old peace between centaurs and Lapiths. But trusting her heart to Thereus isn't a risk Melita is willing to take twice, even though he swears he's now more wicked than wild. As her enemies close in on the truth, Melita and Thereus will have to choose between protecting her race...and saving his.

Olivia Wildenstein
Olivia Wildenstein

Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day. She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a laptop computer and a very comfortable chair. This line of work made more sense, considering her college degree.
You can learn more about Olivia Wildenstein on her website.

Check out her book Rose Petal Graves!
Rose Petal Grave


Founded two centuries ago by a powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation. Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenly.
Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.
As we made preparations for Mom’s burial, new people began arriving in Rowan, unnervingly handsome and odd people. I begged them to leave, but they stayed, because their enemies—my ancestors—were beginning to awaken.

Cael Percy
Cael Percy

Cael Percy is a #1 Bestselling Romance Author. Her Time Travel Romance Novel, Starlark, reached #1 in multiple categories. When she's not binge-watching boxsets on Netflix, Cael spends her time dreaming up her next book's plotlines - ones all guaranteed to involve: hot, possessive, alpha-men and the captivating women that drive them wild, ensuring that all of Cael’s books are electrifying page-turners that will hold your attention from beginning to end...
You can learn more about Cael Percy on her website.

Check out her book Starlark!

On the morning of her wedding, Roma awakens to find that a 21st-century eclipse has swept her through time and space to medieval Ireland—a land bedevilled with strife, conflict and danger at every possible turn.

Soon caught up in an intricate spider’s web of political intrigue, Roma is forced to ally herself and marry a man she passionately hates—a cocky, rugged, silver-tongued Irish warrior—and the only man who can protect her from the dark forces at work on the Emerald Isle…

Myths & Legends

You can pre-order Myths & Legends for only 0.99$ here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
- iBooks

Myths & Legends facebook party

Join the Myths & Legends Facebook Party and have a chance to win tons of cool stuff and meet some fab new authors! Join the Facebook party here.

During the book blitz for Myths & Legends there’s a tour wide giveaway! These are the prizes you can win:
- 5 Myths & Legends Boxsets
- 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards
- Various signed paperbacks by the participating authors

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Book Blitz: Myths & Legends Box Set

Myths & Legends banner

Today I'm taking part in the book blitz for the Myths & Legends Boxed Set. 

I’m introducing a few of the participating authors and showcasing some of their books/back catalogue.

Myths & Legends is a compilation of 20 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads currently available to pre-order for only 99c, including works from New York Times, USA Today, Bestselling, and various Award-Winning authors! Details of how you can pre-order this special box set are included at the bottom of this post. First off, let’s meet some of these amazing authors!

Meet Genevieve Jack
Genevieve Jack

Genevieve Jack is the international bestselling author of weird, witty, and wicked-hot paranormal romance. Coffee and wine are her biofuel, the love lives of vampires, shifters, and witches her favorite topic of conversation. She harbors a passion for old cemeteries and ghost tours thanks to her years at a high school rumored to be haunted. Although she calls the Midwest home, her heart belongs to the beaches of the southeast, where she spends her days with her laptop and one lazy dog.
You can learn more about Genevieve Jack on her website.

Check out her book Vice!

Some cravings can't be denied.

Werewolf Laina Flynn longs to break from the patriarchal expectations of Fireborn pack. But when a wolf is found murdered on Fireborn shifting grounds, Laina will do anything to protect her pack, even if it means posing as a waitress at a club that flies in the face of her feminist ideals. Unfortunately, her inner wolf marks the club’s owner, Kyle “The King” Kingsley, as her vice—her metaphysical addiction. He becomes a hunger she can’t ignore…one that could threaten her life, her family, and her pack.

Meet Siobhan Davis
Siobhan Davis

Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She is the author of the Amazon bestselling True Calling and Saven series.
You can learn more about Siobhan Davis on her website.

Check out her book Saven Deception!
Saven Deception


I've fallen hard for an alien, but he's harboring secrets.
Massive secrets that threaten the very essence of humanity.
How can I give him my heart when his race plans on taking my future?

Meet S.L. Morgan
S.L. Morgan

International award winning author S.L. Morgan was born and raised in California. After 29 years of living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains there, she and her husband began their journeys of moving throughout the United States. Recently, S.L. Morgan and her family have returned back to their hometown of Oakhurst, Ca.
You can learn more about S.L. Morgan on her website.

Check out her book The Legacy of the Key!
The Legacy of the Key

Your journey to a whimsical dimension is one click away!

Reece Bryant is an average college student on Earth, or so she thought.

After setting out to finish settling the last of her father's estate, she is not only faced with the grief of the horrific loss of her father again, but bizarre paranormal events that eventually lead her into a thrilling, yet terrifying situation.

Meet J.L. Hendricks
J.L. Hendricks

J.L. Hendricks is an independent author who enjoys many genres, as evidenced by her catalog of available books. She is currently focused on Scifi and Urban Fantasy, but has also written Paranormal and Christmas books.

Her latest series is a combination of litRPG and Military Scifi with a few space pirates for fun! Let her know what you think!
You can learn more about J.L. Hendricks on her website.

Check out her book Magic’s Not Real!
Magic’s Not Real

Do magic, vampires, and shifters really exist in the seedy underbelly of New Orleans?

Jenna is many things, Lead singer in the all-girls band Voodoo Dolls, shopkeeper extraordinaire, and sister to three awesome orphans, but what she isn't is a wizard. Because magic isn't real and people who think it's real are posers, drunks, and the best customers at the Voodoo Doll House.

Until, you know, someone hits her with a death curse.

Pre-order Myths & Legends for 0.99$!
Myths & Legends
The MYTHS & LEGENDS Boxed Set is a compilation of 20 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads, including works from USA Today bestsellers, Bestselling Harlequin authors, and various Award-Winning authors!

You can pre-order Myths & Legends for only 0.99$ here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
- iBooks


During the book blitz for Myths & Legends there’s a tour wide giveaway! These are the prizes you can win:
- 5 Myths & Legends Boxsets
- 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards
- Various signed paperbacks by the participating authors

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 24 March 2017

Hi there

Hiya folks,

Just a short and hopefully sweet note to say hi. I've missed blogging, but my brain has also turned into mush. Writing/not writing thesis stuff. Also thinking of things to post or not post on has been tough lately.

How are you doing?

Also hit me up with some post ideas please :D

Friday, 10 March 2017

Thoughts from the ether

Folks, this year is kicking my ass. I'm just not feeling settled with anything. It's unsettling to feel this way. *sigh*

I'm not sure as to how best articulate this, but I'm becoming more and more frustrated with how having a child is regarded as the crowing achievement of a woman's life. Seriously?! Give me kudos for it when my kid is older and a decent person, but to tell me that when I'm feeling ugh about my lack of achievement is not good. Do we tell men who talk about their lack of achievement that it's okay because they have a child? No! So why is it okay to tell women this?

Monday, 20 February 2017

Book Review: Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis

Today is release day for the final book in a wonderful series by Siobhan Davis. I've really enjoyed the series, and have reviewed the other books here. I figured sharing my review today would be a good things. And as an added bonus, the first book in the series Saven Deception is free till Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed the series, so do give it a try.


Saven Deliverance (Saven #4)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is on the boarder of 3 and 3.5, which is disheartening for me; I love Siobhan Davis' work. As I finished the book I felt sated, not satisfied. It's probably due to their just being so much ground to cover. I had forgotten just how much was happening in this series...and therein lies some of the "it doesn't feel quite right" feelings I have about the book.

The end of a series is always a bittersweet moment - you've grown attached to the characters, they're your friends now, but you have to say goodbye. But when there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of ground to cover things tend to feel a bit rushed. It felt just as one thing got resolved, there was another moment...so the pacing of the tale didn't work for me. There needed to be just one moment where the characters could be, without the next thing happening.

Sadie and Logan's relationship added some sweet moments, but there were times where I just wanted some peace from all of the emotions going around. Again, there needed to be a moment where the characters could be.

All in all I enjoyed this read. As yet, there hasn't been anything of Siobhan Davis' that I've read and not enjoyed. The series as a whole is a 4.5 read. I can highly recommend this to anyone and everyone - but do try to have all the books, because you dive into the world and don't want to leave it.

*I'm a lucky fish and on the author's ARC team.*

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Topping the list this week:
  • excellent people
  • no, seriously excellent people who are happy to share what they know
  • chocolate
  • part of my funding being paid out
  • new books
  • sorting out clothes for K for the cooler weather to come
  • being able to try a new restaurant
  • K enjoying his first movie
  • being able to take K to see a movie
  • winning tickets to something I've never been to before, and having it happen when it's possible for just J and I to go
  • aircon
  • fans
  • learning new things
  • good food
  • pink headphones
  • hugs
  • not buying all the things just because I could - this is a big one for me
What's topping your list?

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Topping the list this week:

  • coffee
  • opening specials at hair salons making getting my hair done possible
  • good chats
  • therapy
  • hugs
  • seeing J in the middle of the day for lunch
  • kid birthday parties, they equal seeing folks I haven't seen in awhile
  • baby cuddles
  • student specials
  • books
  • K walking through a shop and not touching everything
  • the money lessons we're teaching K working out - he bought a treat for himself, and paid for it without complaint
  • ice cold water
  • watching comedies
What's topping your list this week?

Friday, 10 February 2017

Five for Friday:Odd thoughts floating around in my mind

I've been pondering just when people decided it's okay to be mean all the time about all the things. It's not hard at all to tell someone that it's cool that something is for them, but it's not for them. Why the urge to yuck on someone's yum? [a cool phrase I saw on twitter]

What do you do to temper your negative voice? It's been really hard for me again lately...so tips are most welcome.

Is it better to be hard or soft as you go through life? Where do you draw the line between not caring and caring just enough? How are we supposed to prep our kids to deal with that, when we can't quite get it right for ourselves?

One of the Honours kiddies is very opinionated, and said that one of the other kiddies has assimilated (both are PoC) and that was just an odd statement. We've all done that, it's a survival tactic. So it got me wondering what do people do, and how is it wrong to be going with a route that can lead to less emotional harm to yourself?

I both want to and don't want to do something new with my hair. But maintenance and my laziness 0_o Suggestions?

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Topping the list this week:

  • Keiden having a great birthday
  • a good visit with my mil
  • coffee
  • a busy week
  • thesis inspiration
  • good conversations about my work
  • learning new things
  • realisations about friendship
  • taking steps about making sure I'm doing all I can to be in a good mental space
  • being trusted on making work calls
  • bright pink headphones
  • removal of some digital clutter
  • sushi
  • good food
  • exploring
  • good, real conversations
What's topping your list this week?

Friday, 3 February 2017

Five for Friday: Things Keiden Says

  • "I really tired" while preparing to fight bedtime.
  • "Wait a moment" - one he picked up from me, and he loves saying it to us.
  • "Listen!" with a finger wag...no surprise it's something he picked up from me.
  • "R2 says beeb beeb boob poob" - a fan of the droid is he.
  • "Anyway" usually added onto the end of a sentence where he says he doesn't want to do something, i.e. "I not pack away, anyway."

Monday, 30 January 2017

Now you are 3

Dear Keiden,

Today you are three. Wow, three where did the time go? Like you keep on telling us, you are a big boy now. And what a big boy you are.

More and more you want to do things by yourself. But then there are things/moments that you still want daddy or me to be there with you or do with you. You love cooking and baking with daddy, and building with your blocks. Sometimes you tell me that I can't go make supper because you and daddy are going to cook.

You enjoy making breakfast with daddy, especially when it's pancakes :) And let's not forget baking. Baking is one of your favourite things to do, especially when you two baked a cake for my birthday. You started swimming lessons, so that's going to be your big thing for this year.

Your big thing for the year you were two was school. It took awhile for you to settle in, but you have. And now school is a place you like to go to, because you see your friends. Speaking of friends, E and M are still your favourite friends. You also like mommy and daddy's friends, and like seeing them too. You often want to go visit F, H and I...and they like seeing you too.

There are still moments when you are shy around people, but more and more you like saying hi to folks. We'll be walking around and you'll say hello to people or wave. It's very cute when you do that. And something else that is just as cute is your laugh. Which you do a lot of.

You giggle and laugh a lot when playing hide-and-go-seek, or running or really just doing anything you think needs a laugh :) You laugh is all kinds of awesome feeling inducing, just like your hugs, kisses and loves. You are so easily affectionate with daddy and I, I hope it stays that way. You always hug and kiss us bye when you're going to school - please don't stop.

Our weekend exploring is something you've taken to in a big way. I hope it's started you off on the track to find adventures fun. And with the exploring we're doing now, I'm sure it'll help you remember that adventures can be found just around the corner from you.

You still love books, and bedtime stories are still the way we end our day. Currently you're having us read/sing the 12 days of Christmas to you often...I'm hoping we move onto a new book soon. It's been your pattern lately - the same story over and over for a few weeks or so.

Yes, there have been moments where you've been a silly goose, but you know monkey everyone has those. Just try not to have too many of them ;)

Love you much.  Love you always,

Sunday, 29 January 2017


Topping the list this week
  • rain
  • the great people we have in our lives who make things special for K
  • coffee
  • sushi
  • invoices being paid
  • a good meeting with my supervisor
  • hugs
  • K having a great birthday party
  • my in-laws; my mil is down and K is having a great time
  • exploring
  • amazing deserts
  • and just all around great folks

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017

Five for Friday

  • Crash Course is a recent youtube channel discovery, and it is all kinds of awesome. Ten minute or so videos on a variety of subjects. It's really great for brushing up on somethings, and learning about something new. I'm alternating between philosophy, world history and psychology - for now. Give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.
  • Tomorrow is Keiden's birthday party. He'll be three on Monday. Three!! Where did the time go?
  • This week has been better for my daily yoga plans than last, onwards and upwards :D
  • There are gaggles of first years everywhere. And it's both awww look at the babies, and oh my goodness when did I get so old inducing. I say a gaggle of first years, as they are silly geese, you get a gaggle of geese; therefore a gaggle of first year.
  • And in horror of all horrors to consider; coffee might not be working with my tummy :(

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