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Friday, 2 December 2016

Five for Friday

Much as there have been points of frustration with K's nursery school, it's so winning with it's holiday programme. Throughout the year the term starts and ends with the school calendar, but they always have a holiday programme/day care thing going on. And in Dec they're open till the 23rd, and they open again on Jan the 4th. It's a massive win, especially because without school there is no time away from K for me. And seeing the way some folks need to scramble to cover the school holiday periods with child care plans, it makes me oh so grateful for K's school.

Speaking of K - as I mentioned on Wednesday, he is heading full steam ahead for being a three-ager [a three year old teenager] and this with just under 2 months to go till he is 3. Also wasn't he a baby like just yesterday? What is going on?

I'm starting to suspect that I just don't know how to be kind to myself at all. It would seem self kindness is a skill you need to learn and work on. How do you do it?

Lately, I've been working more and more in silence. It's odd for me...but it would seem that sometimes you just need quiet.

I've been spending more and more time thinking about how and what I eat, and all that means. So expect a bit of a rambling post on that soon-ish.


  1. I really struggle to take care of myself too. In just over 1 month I will have a 12 year old - it still feels to me like she was just a baby yesterday. My 5 is up too


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