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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Let's Chat

I'm a currently a ball of stress - stressing about something that I have no control over, as one does. Are you that kind of person, and if you're not how do you do that? Share your tricks.

I've also been struggling with vegetarianism a lot lately. I haven't gone back to my meat and fish eating ways, but man oh man have I been tempted. Look the missing of fish, it pops up whenever sushi is on my mind. But the missing of meat is new. It's been particularly loud since we've been exploring the surrounds. The Stellenbosch Winelands is a meat zone of note. How do you go about not reverting to something you want to change?

I've recently-ish come across something by Danielle LaPorte where she spoke about chasing joy. And that instant gratification isn't always a bad thing. And that we need to stop punishing ourselves. That really resonated with me. I'm a superstar at being hard on myself, which probably also includes some self punishment. Do you do that? How are we supposed to fight it?

Besides all of the above, things go as they go at this time of the year, i.e. not interested in doing all that needs to be done, but pushing ahead with it.

How are you doing?


  1. Also a ball of stress - work is hectic. And one has to be kind to yourself - really.

  2. True we do, but gosh is it so, so very hard.


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