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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hero of Justice

On Friday afternoon, K and I went to the library. Post that we had an early supper with J. As we were walking back to the car we encountered A, a work colleague of J's. She saw two ducklings stuck in one of the waterways that run through central town*.

Their mom was honking away in distress trying to get them to safety, but the ducklings were too little to climb out. So we had to help them. This meant A standing on one end in the water, me and the other...and the two of us trying to catch and lift out the ducklings as they came near us. Goodness, are ducklings fast little things.

They seem to run on water. After 20 minutes, and help from another person we managed to get them out. And we had to get one out twice, as that silly goose [yes, I know it's a duck, but he behaved like a silly goose] ran off only to fall in again. *sigh*

And that folks is why I'm clearly a hero of justice; and a veggie with vegan status ;)

*We couldn't leave the ducklings to follow the water way, death would await them at the other end.

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