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Friday, 25 November 2016

Five for Friday

Don't forget to file your tax return. Today is the deadline. Also the SARS folks are lovely, and very helpful.

I'm trying this be kind to myself thing, and am taking the weekend off from thesis work. Hopefully it'll help me shake the feeling of overwhelm when considering all the new reading I want to/kinda need to do. And officially saying I'm taking the weekend off should help forestall the guilt that would come from not doing much thesis work as we're seeing friends this weekend.

I like places that send you sms reminders about appointments - it's especially useful when you make appointments well in advance.

The few days of cooler weather has been wonderful. Moderate temperatures ftw!

Decluttering ftw! Books that weren't getting love from me anymore are now getting love from someone else and it's turned into a mini treat for me. A wonderful example of win-win.


  1. I love those reminder text messages.One company I use goes too far (4 texts in a 12-hour period) but for everyone else it's great.

    Have a lovely, thesis-free weekend :)

    1. Those reminders are great. Thanks lady, I did :)

  2. I ove those reminder sms! And I love the book decluttering - books should be read and if you are not reading it the pass it on to someone who will!


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