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Friday, 11 November 2016

Five for Friday

This year is a horror show.

I'm utterly dismayed by how many male friends I have who are saying wait and see, maybe Trump won't be a horror show. It is easy when you are the one with the privilege to wait and see to say just that. So basically I'm re-examining the basic humanity of some folks in my life.

I don't get people who can separate the art from the artist. That is not possible. That person's art is informed by the person they are. So guess who won't be going to watch Fantastic Beasts?

My no sugar quest is going well, cutting back on the carbs...less so. I did not plan well enough for it.

Speaking of planning, I've got one for my thesis. Now just to follow through on it.


  1. Best of luck with all. I still can not believe they chose the orange monkey

  2. I'm so glad I was at home/ clients for two days this week because even that one day in the office was too much with all this talk....

    I just posted my 5!

    Thank you for your support this week :) xx


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