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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Watching: Superstore, QI, Supernatural and some Deep Space 9

Reading: Christmas themed fiction and I'm sticking to my academic reading  plans :D

Listening: Pentatonix, and pretty much whatever else my YouTube mix lines up.

Doing:  Pretty much still not enough of anything that I should be doing, and too much of what I shouldn't be.

Contemplating: Feelings, all the feelings. Why being kind to myself for even a single day seems like a massive, impossible task. Feeling sorry for myself because I'm sick again. How K is working on being a three-ager already, with 2 months to go till he is 3. And all around bleh-ness.

How are you doing?


  1. Ah, I meant to reply the other day about overwhelm and being kind to yourself and so on....

    Be gentle with yourself this time of year. Everything feels worse than it actually is because everyone's tired...


    1. I'll try, but generally being gentle or kind to myself is not really something I'm good at :-/


Thanks for your comment :)

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