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Friday, 7 October 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

This parenting gig is not easy folks, not at all. Fortunately besides the usual full of nonsense moments there has been a cute Keiden moment or two.

  • Lately, he hast started telling us that he is busy when told to do something. And on Monday and Wednesday when told it was shower time he said "I'm busy reading." So yip, we left him to it :)
  • The wanting to cook is still going strong. He gets upset if he can't help cook, and has taken to cooking being one of his go to imaginary play things.
  • People watching has also become something he loves to do. He'll stand on the balcony or sit by the window see people and tell us all kinds of stories. It's very cute.
  • We have had a few nights, nappy free and staying dry (touch wood). The only problem is he still doesn't want to use the potty or toilet at home :-/
  • On the plus side, he helps clean up the mess. And in general seems to enjoy cleaning  - long may it last.


  1. He's got you! I would also excuse almost anything for reading :)

    I'll whatsapp you - I screenshotted a thing from IG where someone's daughter said she loves reading because she gets out of chores LOL

    1. That he does. We caught him on video saying he's busy reading :)


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