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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The perfect storm of something right

I had a great therapy session this morning. It's the second time I didn't cry! But that's not what made it great. What made it really amazing was the realization that between therapy, antidepressants, a supportive academic environment and find my groove...I've reached that magical point people talk about. That one where in your 30s you let go of what others say and how it impacts you.

Remember this, and this? The aftermath from that was a big part of my realization that I reached that point. It's not that things don't matter, or I don't care. But only now, once I have done my best, and clearly seen where I fall on it, I'm done therewith. No more wasting time and energy on things that I can't control/change.

This space of resilience is new, and strange. And hopefully something that becomes more familiar to me. Just as the process of knowing myself, and standing up for myself becomes something I'm getting better at; so to should the process of knowing that I'm no longer the person who crumbles at emotional slights/digs/hurts become something ingrained.

So all in all, things are on the up and up. Here's hoping that perfect storm of good for me things keeps on keeping on.

I'm a silly goose. A beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg thank you to Cath and Sharon. Had those two not encouraged me as much as they did to get help, this point would have been a long, long way off.


  1. I'm all for letting go of things I can't control or change xx

    1. Now just to keep on remembering it :0

  2. It takes more courage to fight your own stuff than it does to fight anyone else. Well done XXX

  3. Loved this post. I'm so glad you're at that good place :)


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