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Monday, 19 September 2016

Oh look, another Monday

Some Mondays go well, others...not so much. Either way there are only 14 of them left. So that's something. Currently, this Monday and I are not getting along that well. But there's still time for it to shape up.

Right now, K is in the midst of a tantrum that has been going on for 15 minutes. *such* fun. My budget and I are not getting along. And I realised I've left it a bit late to have a great present idea for our niece M, happen.

The world seems to have gone to pot. Watching, reading or listening to the news is not for the fainthearted.

On the plus side, there has been coffee :0 And the 27th of December will be a public holiday.

How has your day gone?


  1. Meh Monday for me too! I also have left it too late get get my niece a great birthday present and I am stressing about it (her birthday is Thursday) and I too am having budget constraints in life these days... always way too much month left at my money. Today I can't keep my eyes open and I am frustrated with stuff at work and, and, and... just Meh!

  2. What's going on? I just wrote about my Monday too... and it was not good til I got home :)

    1. Nothing in particular, it was just meh.


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