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Friday, 2 September 2016

Five for Friday

The lurgy has not left our house yet. It's all kinds of ridiculousness, and I'm so over being sick.

I have the best supervisor ever. The sheer support and belief in me is staggering, utterly staggering. Given my previous supervisor experiences this just keeps on hitting me over, and over again. The belief that I can do it, and not just do it, but do it well is just...all kinds of incredible.

I'm having all kinds of fun putting together a birthday present for a friend. It's great to be putting together something for someone that they'll enjoy.

I'm agonizing about the right words to use in a note inviting one of Keiden's friends at school to meetup at a local park to play [like do I say hi L's parents, or hi L's mom...seriously what do I say?]. Keiden tells us stories about what he and his buddy get up to every day. And on the weekends he talks about him. This kid is so his best bud, and we use the fact that he'll get to see his friend to help speed him up when getting ready in the morning.

NerdHQ panels are all kinds of fun. This one is all kinds of fun, for Arrow fans :D And it has talk about the CW smolder.


  1. Hi wonderful to have all that support! And why not just - Hi - I am K's mom.....etc

  2. Hi L's mom, K would love to play with L. Would you like to meet at _____ at 2pm on Friday? Let me know on 08____________. K's mom, Cassey


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