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Friday, 23 September 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Recently, Keiden learnt the "How much is the doggie in the window?" at school. It's resulted in us needing to sing it all the time. We've also had to include cats, fish, mommy, daddy, him,  and his friends in the song. I have though gotten him to say silly goose for all the people ;)

We've been having a lot of bedtime fights lately. The fights are then followed with many wakes...it has been horrid. We're just riding this wave, and hoping things settle down soon.

Fortunately, while that has been going on he has also become extra affectionate. There have been many requests for more hugs and kisses, lots of love yous happening. I'm loving all this affection, it's all kinds of heart filling stuff, and it goes a long way in keeping the grumps in check.

Keiden, and his wanting to cook all the time, is still going strong. He is loving it so much. I'm sure that a big part of it is that it's something he does with daddy. I'm told to go do something else, because he and daddy are cooking.

He is all kinds of stoic. I'm sure this is Jerall's genes influence. Last week he feel off a wall, he was walking on, he cried for a minute and then he was done. It was a bad fall, massive split list, scrapes on his chin, and bruises on his knees. There were no tears while cleaning the open cuts, and no moaning about them as they've been healing. He does though want lots of plasters - which he takes off and plays with.


  1. This might be the time to start buying plasters (cheap ones) in bulk. My rule is that the proper ones are for real, gushing blood, and the others are for mere scrapes :)


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