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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Book Thursday

Max at Night by Ed Vere

Max at Night is the follow on of Max the Brave by Ed Vere. Sadly, we don’t have Max the Brave, but it is something we’ve added to our list of books to get. The list seems to have no end.

Max is a very tired kitten, he has already had his milk, brushed his teeth, cleaned his ears, and now he must say goodnight to everyone. And so he starts saying goodnight to everyone, but he can’t find Moon to say goodnight. The story follows him as he looks for Moon to say goodnight. He walks all over, and becomes a very tired kitten.

The illustrations are done in the shades of night, with the text fitting in either between parts of branches, buildings, and clouds or what would be the night sky.

This book is a definite read for the 18 months and up crowd - it’s very clear that Max has a bedtime routine, something which all toddlers will easily identify with. Keiden especially enjoys mentioning the milk, then teeth cleaning that Max does.

Another part that Keiden enjoys, and which I’m sure most littles would, is the calling out of “Moon. Moon, where are you?” that Max does while looking for Moon. As Keiden gets older he becomes more, and more involved with the book being read. So any book that gets him excited, and involved is a big plus for us.

On the Keiden rereading scale this gets a 5/5, and on the parent one it also gets a 5/5.

Have you read any of the Max books? What did you think?

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