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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

And this is why I should write down my ideas

Guys, I had a great post idea. Sadly, it's run away. It's a solid reminder about why I really should write the posts as they occur to me instead of waiting till I have a moment to write the post.

So for your entertainment you can have a random stream of thoughts :p

In some of the NerdHQ panels I've been listening to Zachary Levi makes reference that you are what you reach for. That's a big thought that deserves some pondering. What do I reach for? How often? Is it who I want to be?

In a different panel Yvette Nicole Brown mentioned something along the lines of choosing kindness. Which gets me pondering if kindness really is a choice that can be made? If it is a choice, then it means that it can be taught. I'm unsure if it can be taught.

Which leads to me wondering can all of those good qualities we want to be in possession of be taught? How far can they be taught? Or do you need a natural inclination to doing some of those things anyway? Are they like habits, you do it 60 days continuously and, boom you got it?

And just how many people do get that 60 day thing right? And how? Where's the magic trick for that? Because it's a trick I need. How do you stay motivated to do it? I mean I'm getting the veg thing right, but exercise? Geez.

Also read this happy story, and this one that makes me wonder about people.

Oh and watch this:


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