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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It's been a day

There's a part of me that figured sticking to the plan for Wednesday posts is best, and the other - the side that clearly won that battle - that went I couldn't follow yesterday's post with something same ole same ole. So here you have this post. Which I don't quite know where I'm going with it, but hey sometimes it works.

I had one utterly unexpected response to what I wrote. And much like my view on some people is forever changed by their reaction to the horror that occurred to that hockey mom, so to has my view changed on someone important to me. I'm pretty much heartbroken, and disillusioned, that someone who I thought understood things, understood me...clearly doesn't speak Cassey.

I don't have the right words, right now for this. But I am reminded again just how good therapy is, and how it has helped me so very much. I can see how I have changed, and that I no longer just go along with the narrative that others have for me. It is however, so hard to not just give in and say "I as wrong, you're right." I know, that I am not wrong.

It's exhausting that the more wrong you see, the more you can't ignore just to appease those around you. To make it easier on others. That is not my job. My job is to give voice to the wrong that I see. No matter how uncomfortable it makes others or myself. It is not to do the work others need to do for themselves or to detail each and every incident where I have been confronted with the ugly of the world.

We do not exist in a world where everything must be a binary. You can care about many wrongs. No one bad thing trumps another.

And to end this on a totally random, but happy note: I gave in the final draft of my proposal today :D


  1. I love this post so much. You can't always please people but you do have to be authentically you whether people agree with you or not.

    YAY for that proposal handed in!!!

  2. You go, Girl! :)


Thanks for your comment :)

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