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Friday, 19 August 2016

Five for Friday

I'm so, so happy to be home. We spent all of yesterday and most of today at hospital with Keiden. We got to come home provided we had a nebulizer, and so J made magic with the budget...and now we're home.

Jerall got treated so, so much better by the nurses than I did. They actually helped him get meds into K, I was left to struggle by myself - I stayed with K overnight, and J was with him while I was at class today.

It astounds me just how many people think that it's okay to say that a dad is babysitting his child. It's not babysitting when looking after your own child. Not to mention the bad mommy vibes I got from people because on Wednesday, I left my sick kid with his dad - who has parental responsibility leave, and doesn't have class to attend - instead of staying myself. *sigh*

Trying to keep your toddler calm while the doctor is trying to get a drip in, is horrid. Why hasn't science figured out a way to fix folks without needles yet?

K is doing so much better since this afternoon. Our big eater, stopped eating - very scary - but being home has helped. He did eat something before leaving the hospital, they wouldn't have let leaving be even a possibility if that had happened.


  1. I'm so, so happy you're home too. Hope Keiden is on the mend and that you two are recovering too.

    Don't get me started on this dads babysitting thing............... ggrrrrrrr

    Also i do remember 5 years ago when K was in the hospital, I was also assumed to know what to do and a "bad mother" for leaving her with her father every 2nd night to spend time with the other twin. Except I actually spoke all that out loud and that was that....

    1. I was too tired to not be mean when saying anything, so I left it. Dads babysitting is the most ridiculous thing.

      Being home is all great, and K is doing much better for being home.


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