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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Book Thursday

My New Home by Marta Altés

This is a wonderful story about moving homes and making new friends. The illustrations in this book reaffirms my belief that children’s picture books are wonderfully works of art to be enjoyed on all levels. Not a page within the book doesn’t have illustrations that make the art, more than the words tell the story. The very first page, that’s often blank or has print details in other books, has the fox packing a box with her toys.

I thought she was a fox, and called her so to Keiden - who has an impolite way of saying fox - but only when Jerall read the story to Keiden did we discover that mommy and animals don’t go well together. As daddy says she’s not a fox, but we can’t quite agree on what animal she is. So I am sticking to fox. What do you think?

I digress, this book is absolutely wonderful, and belongs in every parent's arsenal when facing a move. It is suitable for two and up. With the protagonist and her friends not being named it would be very easy to use your child’s name, and that for her friends to further the connection, and help settle any move nerves.  It shows that yes, change can be horrid, and making friends takes time. But in the end you can make more friends, and have any space feel like home with the right people.

Keiden loved this book, we had to renew it a few times, he clearly gives it a 5/5 and so do I.

How do you handle big changes with your little? Do you get animals wrong too?

This review originally appeared on Tums2Tots.


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