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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Just over it all

I warn you this is a self-indulgent vent.

We're finally getting some marks back, and I just keep on missing 70. Which is all kinds of frustrating, I want to do better. Yes, there is feedback, but it's too late to help for those modules as I'm done with them. Hopefully it'll help with others. I have been getting 70 - 75 for things in another class, so I know I should be able to do it. But not getting there is ugh. And it's not even things I've left for last minute, at least then I'd have that excuse :-/

I'm over Keiden acting as if his ears are ornaments and not for listening. He's almost 2.5 so it's peak challenge two's time, but still. Ugh.

And I'm pretty much done with myself. Just ugh, such...[insert all kinds of words that aren't fit for polite company]. Granted I'm sick, and I the self pity flag is flying high. *sigh*

How goes you today?


  1. Vent all you like. THose are the most frustrating ones, when you put in work and still things don't turn out like you want.

    (me being organised with the move and my internet people telling me no, they can't schedule the wifi move now, I need to phone a day before. GRRRR)

    1. That it is, putting in work and no results *sigh* Ugh, silly internet people.


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