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Friday, 17 June 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Lately there are two things Keiden needs to do in order when he wakes up. The first is get a snuggle from me, and the second is pick up a book and start reading *squeeeeeee*.

His love for books has just grown more and more as each day goes by. As mentioned above, there's book first thing in the morning. But books also go with him everywhere he can take them. He needs to finish reading a book before he'll start eating or go to school.

He's also gotten that he needs to be responsible for his things. Okay, he pretty much just gets it right with his books, but I'm taking it as a win as he remembers his things without prompting. On Sunday we were at friends, he took a book with and remembered it needed to come home with us.

I'm glad that we don't do the clothes fight. Although it's frustrating when it's perfect wellies weather, but he insists on wearing his normal shoes.

The planes obsession is being joined by one with dinosaurs. Anyone know where I can find great dinosaurs in planes pictures for him?


  1. oh my gosh, the love for books is amazing :) :)

    1. It's a big parenting win for us. Plus it means more books for me too ;)

  2. Well done on nurturing his love for books :)

    1. Thanks Laura. It makes me ridiculously happy that he loves books.


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