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Friday, 3 June 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Keiden walks to the beat of his own drums. He had a massive tantrum this morning over not wanting to wear his pjs to school. It's pj day today. I really wanted him to wear his, being part of something that the group is doing is good...he refused to. Jerall said to just let him wear clothes, and so he has. This parenting gig is hard.

He has taken to calling my Mommy Toi when I do something he is not impressed with. He picked it up from me, because when he's getting warnings about his behaviour I say Keiden Toi.

Puzzles have currently replaced blocks as his favourite toy.

The Planes obsession is still going strong. So much so that when my mil is coming down we're going to go  fetch her from the airport so that Keiden can see many planes at the viewing spots.

In the past 3 weeks he just shot up...growing like a weed is he. We noticed this because we were at friends place, and the last time we were there 3 weeks ago, he was at the same height at their table. Yesterday, we visited and he was taller than the table by half a head 0_o


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