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Friday, 20 May 2016

Five for Friday

On Tuesday Jerall and I finally got to go watch Captain America: Civil War. Loved it. And I'm very keen for the Black Panther movie, and surprisingly the new Spidey one.

I finally got to go to therapy again, gosh was it needed. There were some big moments, and some plans for me to work on things - so I have an appointment again in 2 weeks to keep on track with things.

People have been annoying me lately; mostly because there is just so much stupid and ugly going on. *sigh*

Yesterday someone asked me if I'm coloured; because I couldn't be as I speak English too well. I was all kinds of what the hell? Seriously what does that have to do with anything. Ugh. Although, it's not new for me to receive comments on the way I speak. Mostly though people tend to ask me where I'm from - the implication of course being that I speak to well to be the stereotypical idea of what someone of my race should speak like. Ugh.

To end on a happier note, this video is me these days :).


  1. Gosh - how odd the language thing? Clearly a Cape are thing - here that question would be very odd indeed. Stupid people - as you say. Do you think we should start a Link for 5 4 Friday?

    1. I get the language thing often - that you speak so well with for a coloured person. Ugh. A link sounds great :)


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