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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My enthusiasm is not a liabilty

And I will not let others push me into believing that it is. I've been getting a lot of push back from randoms about my general enthusiasm about things - lately, in particular it has been about academic work. And I'm so over it.

It is ridiculous the manner in which we deem it okay to find more and more ways to use micro aggressions to belittle each other. Have we really forgotten that it is kindness and treating each other well that makes things go better. How does my enthusiasm about class, about learn hurt anyone?

The worst of it all, is that I let this snide, little comments get to me. It is far, far easier for me to take in the negative I get over any positive. Yesterday, I got a horrid little remark from someone, and it had me realize that I've just been letting folks get away with treating me poorly, because it is easier to believe the worst of myself and just go along with things.

So, no more wasted mental energy and time on them. The best f you, is the one where I do well and just don't even bother with snot nosed punks anymore.


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