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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Zombie Prompt 8

Create a series of date night guides for your city.

Date nights + Keiden = something that doesn't happen. Bedtime for him, involves one of us sitting with him till he falls asleep, so it's not really something that'll be happening for us just yet. But, we have had a few day - well more like morning while Keiden is at school - dates.

We tend to amble around town, stopping at shops that grab our interest, and having food and coffee from spots. We want to have a movie date at some point, but given that morning movies only start at 11:00 it doesn't fit with our K at school till 13:00 schedule.
Prompt from her, image from her.


  1. There is a 9 - 9:30ish show at the movies. D goes often with the kids.

    Love the ambling and eating ideas :)

    1. Sadly, the cinemas closest to us don't do 09:30 shows - I blame the students.

      Ambling and eating seems to be our thing ;)


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