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Saturday, 6 February 2016

My reading month: January

The lovely Marcia wrote a post on her reading month, and as I'm always on the lookout for post ideas here's my reading month.

My goodreads challenge is 100 books for the year. In January I hit 17 of them. So I'm off to a good start. That said my reads for January tend to have been light and fluffy, with a heavy binge in the Mortal Instruments series. I had one audio book, and 3 non fiction reads.

It seems that February is going to be the month of slow done in terms of reading purely for pleasure. Classes have kicked off, and I'm looking at about a  minimum of a 100 pages of academic reading per week - that's for class, then there'll be extra reading to fill in theory gaps.

I'm still pretty confident that I will make my challenge, it'll probably be a close call though.

On a happier note watch the movie trailer for Me Before You, I loved the book...and it seems the movie might just get it right.


  1. Thanks for the link and 100? sounds like cray-cray. However, if I stopped looking at the internet completely and lived my life offline, I might do it :) :)

    1. I fortunately read fairly fast, about a 100 pages in an hour. So the odd hour here and there...and you're read when you have 5 minutes tip means I get some good reading done. I also watch less tv than before.

  2. I am aiming big at 40 books for the year :) Considering I've read maybe 4 books total (breaks my heart to admit that) in 2015 I think I've set myself a stiff target


    1. You can do it, for 40 you just need one good week to get you going.


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