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Friday, 19 February 2016

Five for Friday

Today, I did my 13th blood donation...yay me ;)

I am 25% towards my reading goal for the year.

I have not smacked a classmate upside the head for being silly.

The fact that there are parts of Marxist thinking that is still relevant to society today is horrifying.

We need a new word for tired. There are so many levels to it...I'm not at newborn levels of it, but getting there. What categories of tired do you use to describe yourself at?


  1. I am so going to copy you on this - ok? I seem to be in the "I am tired by 12am category" - which is better than waking up tired but still very tired. My sort of way of tired category. Love your way. Great on the blood donation - I am sure that is not helping with the tired today

    1. Use away lady :)

      It's not, but I figure I can donate so I should.

  2. I like to split out the types of tired between physically tired and mentally tired. I've been mentally tired lately (this insurance thing and the HUGE amount of money) which is very different from physically when I need to eat better and sleep enough. Weigh Less is seeing to the eating better.

    1. That's a very good point. I find for me that often either of the types of tired spreads to the other one. I suspect it's because to calm my brain I'll watch something silly - so then I get lazy and the tired becomes physical. And when physically tired, I read more...and then it's a loop.


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