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Friday, 26 February 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

  • Keiden doesn't say yes, he says ja or okay.
  • He's started pointing out circles, just so he can say circle a lot. It's one of his new favourite words.
  • There are small steps to dressing himself happening. He mostly just puts his broekies on himself, sometimes his shorts. He is however getting much better at taking off his shorts and broekies.
  • He has decided that it's his job to push the trolley now, J gets to stand behind him and guide it though.
  • Bunnies seem to be giving puppies a chase for status as his favourite animal. I think it's because there's a bunny who sticks his tongue out in one of his books. 


  1. How cute - these little moments.

    1. They do help when he has his silly moments :0


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