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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A word I wouldn't think applies to me

But somehow it seems it might. While chatting with Mandy, last night she mentioned that posting everyday is huge, and requires discipline.

I scoffed, the words discipline and Cassey don't go hand-in-hand. Seriously, my one more page turns into a few more pages, binge watching is something I do often and it's hard to resist some chocolate. Not to forget the subject we shouldn't really mention - exercise.

Yet, it seems that the daily posts since November might indicate that I have some discipline. Odd, very odd. Although, it would seem that it's something a lot of us do. We walk around with blinkers.

Blinkers to anything remotely positive about ourselves, or that doesn't fit within the narrow pinhole we put in the blinkers goes. I may, or may not be understanding why my therapist says that she wishes I'd give myself more credit.

Do you have a word/phrase you wouldn't apply to yourself, but it seems others do?


  1. I love this, and yes - you have shown so much discipline with your daily posting!

    I have a bunch of words that don't seem to fit for me. Like patient, or inspiring, or brave - people keep telling me that I'm those things, especially with the whole journey into motherhood, but my blinkers refuse to let me believe them.

    1. Blinkers, right? It's odd how we have this view of ourselves and nothing really sways it.

  2. People always think I am very organized.... sadly I am totally not

    1. There might be a degree of organisation to you?


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