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Monday, 29 February 2016

Linky dink

I had a different post in mind for today, but the day is running away from me. Hopefully, what I wanted to put up today will be up for tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, here are three linky dinks.

This one is about opting out to find a way to simplicity, it really resonated for me with some points, others not as much. Either way it makes for an interesting read, and things to consider.

A reminder about my book column on tums2tots online.

And I'm taking part in a great series Zoe has about geeky moms.

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Topping the list this week:

  • Coffee
  • Free image sites
  • Dark chocolate
  • Having folks to speak to about what I'm learning
  • Doing something new
  • Cooler weather
  • Tea
  • Stationery
  • That Keiden has amazing people at his school
  • New words and sentences from Keiden
  • New kids books at the library
  • Having art to put onto the fridge
  • Pasta
  • Feeling better
  • Sleep
  • Sunday pancakes
  • Reading amazing books
  • Finding out that the MA in Sociology is an option for me
  • Quick responses to e-mails
  • Music
What's topping your list this week?

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday, 26 February 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

  • Keiden doesn't say yes, he says ja or okay.
  • He's started pointing out circles, just so he can say circle a lot. It's one of his new favourite words.
  • There are small steps to dressing himself happening. He mostly just puts his broekies on himself, sometimes his shorts. He is however getting much better at taking off his shorts and broekies.
  • He has decided that it's his job to push the trolley now, J gets to stand behind him and guide it though.
  • Bunnies seem to be giving puppies a chase for status as his favourite animal. I think it's because there's a bunny who sticks his tongue out in one of his books. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Zombie Prompt 8

Create a series of date night guides for your city.

Date nights + Keiden = something that doesn't happen. Bedtime for him, involves one of us sitting with him till he falls asleep, so it's not really something that'll be happening for us just yet. But, we have had a few day - well more like morning while Keiden is at school - dates.

We tend to amble around town, stopping at shops that grab our interest, and having food and coffee from spots. We want to have a movie date at some point, but given that morning movies only start at 11:00 it doesn't fit with our K at school till 13:00 schedule.
Prompt from her, image from her.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A word I wouldn't think applies to me

But somehow it seems it might. While chatting with Mandy, last night she mentioned that posting everyday is huge, and requires discipline.

I scoffed, the words discipline and Cassey don't go hand-in-hand. Seriously, my one more page turns into a few more pages, binge watching is something I do often and it's hard to resist some chocolate. Not to forget the subject we shouldn't really mention - exercise.

Yet, it seems that the daily posts since November might indicate that I have some discipline. Odd, very odd. Although, it would seem that it's something a lot of us do. We walk around with blinkers.

Blinkers to anything remotely positive about ourselves, or that doesn't fit within the narrow pinhole we put in the blinkers goes. I may, or may not be understanding why my therapist says that she wishes I'd give myself more credit.

Do you have a word/phrase you wouldn't apply to yourself, but it seems others do?

Monday, 22 February 2016

First haircuts

On Saturday, Keiden had his first haircut. It was hard for me, he had a good time. The hairdresser was lovely, and very relaxed with him. It helped that J got a haircut then too. K sat on his lap, and when he showed interest in what was happening to daddy, it was the opportunity the hairdresser waited for to cut his hair.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Topping the list this week:

Making it through a particularly busy week, mostly intact
Jerall -  he has been all kinds of just the right degree of supportive
Being healthy enough to donate blood
Doing work for really, really great people
Hot chips with tzatziki
Voice notes - it's become a way for me to stay in conntact with most friends, fairly easily. I leave them notes as I make my way around campus
Gaming with friends, although there have been moments of frustration, it is still great to be social and have fun with friends
Bursary payouts - seeing the amount of money I still owe for fees shrink is a particularly great thing to see
Cooking shows - the perfect half an hour break to calm my mind

What's topping your list this week?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Friday, 19 February 2016

Five for Friday

Today, I did my 13th blood donation...yay me ;)

I am 25% towards my reading goal for the year.

I have not smacked a classmate upside the head for being silly.

The fact that there are parts of Marxist thinking that is still relevant to society today is horrifying.

We need a new word for tired. There are so many levels to it...I'm not at newborn levels of it, but getting there. What categories of tired do you use to describe yourself at?

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Zombie Prompt 7

List the best movies and TV shows for binge-watching on a rainy weekend.

Hmmm Firefly - it's 13 episodes and a movie, so utterly manageable. But then you'd also be sad that it only got one season. The Michael Keaton Batman movies, wonderfully twisty and funny. Galavant - musical comedy ftw! Season 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy - all the cathartic crying you could need. Hart of Dixie, I really enjoyed it. Smash, even though the second season was a disappointment, it was still fun to watch.

Prompt from her, image from her.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


In her post yesterday, Zayaan mentioned she'd write a currently post soon. I think it's a great idea, so guess what you're getting?

Watching: Nothing much really, there's been very little time for series. We're barely keeping up with the supers shows.

Reading: All the theory, nearly all the time. There is the occasional book from BookBub creeping in.

Listening: Audio books, The Art of Asking and Anchored. Also the Fire Starter Sessions from this lady. With some Ingrid Michaelson thrown in for fun - as I'm sure you noticed.

Doing: Reading, thinking, having existentialist crisis.

Contemplating:  My academic career. Not so fun. But I have therapy tomorrow and a meeting with the head of my department later this week.

How to eat better. And getting exercising going - it needs to happen.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A look at Crimson Moon

A bit ago, I won a prize, from Sharon,  which allowed me to try out the subscription service Crimson Moon. When I'm able to I enjoy trying out subscription services, but often they're for the extras. This was the first time I was trying one out for something I buy monthly.

Crimson Moon is a subscription service for your period, and it makes something you have to buy just that smidge more fun to buy. Every month you will get a curated gift (my gift was an adorable purse), two sweet treats, two teabags and a selection of period items you need - you create a list of 25 items.

I particularly like the aspect of putting together 25 items that works for you. I'm the person that needs  super, regular and light tampons, so putting together a combination of those that works for me was great. Delivery is included in the price, and it arrives a few days before you need it - saving you some time and a trip to the shops.

The price point of R240 for one month or R597 for three months does place this in the treat yourself category, but it is a treat that you need. I'd happily recommend this to anyone interested.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Making the top of the list this week:
  • surviving an incredibly busy week
  • art K makes at school 
  • coffee
  • getting the opportunity to just chat with friends
  • games
  • engaging lecturer's - it's a highly underrated skill being able to keep a group of people  focused on you what you'r talking about for hours
  • coffee
  • audio books
What's making your list this week?

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Friday, 12 February 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Zombie Prompt 6

Share a DIY Tutorial for handmade Valentines.

Gosh, did I laugh, and laugh when I saw this prompt. Crafty + me = trouble.

Something did come to me though. Very easy. Take a post-it, draw a heart on it and ta-da. I suppose you could write a note too. Or take a cute photo/image and use Photofy or the like to add your message or love. And the last, lazy person's way to show you care...take one of the adult colouring in pages you have and turn it into the note paper for your schmultzy declaration of love.

Wait, the real, and true way...give your love a kiss and get handsy. See, it totally hits the handmade requirement ;)
Prompt from her, image from her.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The moments in the silence

In those moments of silence;

after the story and songs,

after the love yous, hugs and kisses,

as he settles into his bed, and his breathe get deeper I can hear him grow.

I hear him shed the baby that fit just so, and start to put on the little boy he is becoming.

I hear the flutter of lashes.

I hear the stretching of toes as they reach out to fit with the feet that keep getting bigger.

I hear the baby words float away to make room for 'real' words.

I hear the world carry on, as the world I knew with a baby disappears to make room for a little boy.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Topping the list this week:
  • surviving the tummy bug
  • good chocolate
  • Jerall
  • a lovely department
  • bursaries
  • friends who understand freakouts
  • getting to do something new
  • coffee
  • solving a work issue
  • doing work for someone who has my back
  • learning something new
  • having a moment in class where I felt like I knew something
  • being open to new ideas
  • getting better at admitting to not knowing something
  • meeting new folks
  • new opportunities
  • discovering a new author
  • bookbub
  • deliveries
  • new music...the song below was found thanks to cupcakemummy...such a lovely song

Saturday, 6 February 2016

My reading month: January

The lovely Marcia wrote a post on her reading month, and as I'm always on the lookout for post ideas here's my reading month.

My goodreads challenge is 100 books for the year. In January I hit 17 of them. So I'm off to a good start. That said my reads for January tend to have been light and fluffy, with a heavy binge in the Mortal Instruments series. I had one audio book, and 3 non fiction reads.

It seems that February is going to be the month of slow done in terms of reading purely for pleasure. Classes have kicked off, and I'm looking at about a  minimum of a 100 pages of academic reading per week - that's for class, then there'll be extra reading to fill in theory gaps.

I'm still pretty confident that I will make my challenge, it'll probably be a close call though.

On a happier note watch the movie trailer for Me Before You, I loved the book...and it seems the movie might just get it right.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thoughts on being an older student

Going back to university after eight years, is daunting. My worries went from thinking I'd know nothing to how would I talk to people again. Fortunately with the post grad diploma, there are a fair number of us who are older students. It helps some. Only not as much when some of the modules are ones for us and Honours kiddies.

It is very, very strange being back on campus. But it's also so exciting to be learning formally again. There is something to be said for being the academic environment - if you're that way inclined. It just makes me so excited, and hearing about other folks research...just wow.

It's also quite intimidating. I've switched fields entirely, and although it's still in the humanities, it's very different. I feel woefully unprepared for it all. And yes, I know I bring different views...but it's strange for me to be in class, and not recognise 'the names' that I should for the field.

That said, my new department is mazing. They are so utterly supportive of all their students - short course, part-time, full-time - that it just blows me away. I've been so close to tears when I realise just how different my academic career could have been the first time around had the department I was in then had been this supportive. It's already been suggested to me to sit in some Honours classes, to increase my theory - this from briefly mentioning my interests in a group meeting, the lecturer running the meeting took note and addressed it.

Some I'm happy, excited, and very scared. But I'm sure I'll muddle through it all...somehow.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Zombie Prompt 5

What are your top 5 pieces of clothing?
  1. Navy and white stripped blazer from CottonOn, it lets me think I could be stylish when wearing it ;)
  2. Long black sleeveless dress from Mango. It's my go to black dress.
  3. Pink wind breaker jacket bought in the Netherlands. It's lightweight and warm, a great wear in autumn and spring.
  4. Blue fluffy gown. If it's winter and I'm home, chances are I'm wearing it.
  5. An old vest-like t-shirt of Jerall's...so soft and comfy.

Prompt from her, image from her.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Monday, 1 February 2016

I have the lurgy

I'm building up an intense dislike for school. K came home with a snotty nose one day. J got it, and it morphed into something horrid. Which I now have...and it includes a tummy bug from hell.

The purse :)
My feeling sorry for myself mood has been slowly lifting. I got my delivery from Crimson Moon - I won a one month subscription on Sharon's blog. I'll post about Crimson Moon another day, also go check out Sharon's newest post.

An order I have been waiting for, for months finally arrived. I now have Totorro coasters.

And the best news of all, I got the bursary I applied for.

Hopefully the lurgy passes soon, and all will be good again.

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