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Friday, 15 January 2016

For Mandy, on your birthday

First of all, happy birthday :) You made it, another trip around the sun :p

A little note to remind you that you are exactly just the right person for all of us who have you in our lives. You are just the right mommy for C, partner to B, daughter to your folks, sister to T, aunty to C, and friend for all of us you've picked up along the way.

I've yet to meet anyone quite like you, and that's because there's no one like you. You have an amazing ability to befriend anyone and everyone. You care with every part of you that can...and we both know that sometimes that's a hard thing to do. But you do it, and you keep on doing it. I don't think you'll ever stop doing so. Because if you ever do, I think you'll lose some of your Mandy-ness.

My friend, you are one of those shining stars, the perfect example for anyone who doubts the power of the internet (well more like twitter) to connect people, to create and keep friendships alive.

All of the love, hugs and yay yous for you.

Ps. I wanted to include a picture of us, but all that I have includes pics of our kids. Best we fix it tomorrow ;)


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