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Friday, 22 January 2016

Five for Friday: Odds and Ends

Yesterday, I took my laptop to campus to register it to use the network. The guy helping folks was most surprised to see Steam starting up. His you're a gamer had a lot of shock to it. I asked, did he think women couldn't game? We chatted about games, he plays Dota only, yet somehow he's a gamer and I'm not. The silly.

Going vegetarian has been much easier than I though it would be. But then again, I have done stints of it before. I'm also incredibly fortunate to have a friend who is a third generation vegetarian, so I've been exposed to some of the most delicious dishes ever. It helps a lot knowing that the yummy enjoyment of food won't be missing.

My exercise goals aren't going that well. I haven't done much yoga, but I've been doing a lot more walking. So I figure the yoga will come.

Going back to campus and seeing all the first years, they're such babies...it's ridiculous. I'm glad not to be an older student doing an undergrad, I have no idea how I would keep my cool with the extreme levels of special snowflake syndrome.

What is the deal with special snowflake syndrome anyway? When did the world become full of people who believe that the rules don't apply to them? Has it always been like this, and I just never noticed it?


  1. No, the world most definitely has NOT always been like this. Yes, there have always been special snowflakes but there are soooo many more of them these days and I believe it's because we've been adopting so many "nanny state" tendencies. Children are no longer adequately disciplined and poor behaviour is not addressed for fear of someone being offended or twisting whatever is said out of context.
    Add to that the way that fresh-out-of-high-schoolers tend to have Asshole Syndrome, having just been the big fish in a bunch of very small ponds, and you have a recipe for a bunch of entitled brats.
    I know - I was one, once upon a time.

    1. Ah. I don't remember having this syndrome when I was fresh out of high school...but then again I don't think many of us do.


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