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Friday, 8 January 2016

Five for Friday: Keiden edition

One of his favourite things to do is knock on doors. Only Keiden says "knock, knock" while he does so. It is utterly cute.

In an attempt to avoid going to sleep on Wednesday evening he insisted that he needed to pee. While sitting on the toilet he caught sight of his reflection in the shower wall and said "Hi there baba".

He's gotten big into helping out while cleaning, long may it last. His favourite chores to help with including things laundry related, sweeping and packing away groceries - it'd be great if packing away included his toys&books, but I'll take some help over none.

Every morning when he turns on any fans that weren't on overnight.

He started school this week. Monday drop off went well, the rest of the week not so much.


  1. I heard that it's because on day 2 or week 2 that they realise, oh... they're REALLY leaving me here! And then they panic!

    1. Me too. And it makes a lot of sense, I'm glad that I'm not the drop off parent.


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