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Monday, 4 January 2016

Dear Keiden

Monkey, today is your first day of school.

I'm a big bundle of nerves, anxiety, guilty and worry. We've been preparing you for this as best we can, but I don't know if it's enough. Right now I'm holding onto two things. You've been there twice, and you liked your teacher when you met her. You took her hand, and showed her your tummy. Big, I like this person signs from you.

Daddy and I know you're ready for it. It'll be a place that gives you more than I can. And you'll have lots of people to play with. Something that the holidays confirmed for us.

You were the tail for your older cousins. And when we stayed over at E's house, you gave him hugs, shared with him, and you got very anxious to go help him when you heard him crying. It melted mommy's heart to see how much you care. I hope that you keep on being kind and loving.

This is a very scary thing, but I'm sure we'll all survive this. You'll be happier, and I'll be a better mommy because I'll get extra time to build up my patience for each day with you.

Love you lots and lots.


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