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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tips to make retail easier this year

There is the easy one, where you can, shop online. And shop in advance.If it's too late for that for you these tips should help you a smidge.

  • Remember that the person working in the story, is a person. That means you acknowledge their greeting, and greet back. Trust me, acknowledgement of the person assisting you means they will be more friendly too.
  • Use please and thank you.
  • Don't treat the person you're dealing with like they're an idiot or less than. There are many people working retail with a degree or two - sometimes a job is better than no job. When I worked at book stores, 80% of my co-workers were people with degrees.
  • If you lose your cool with the person, take a deep breath and apologise for losing your cool over a THING. Take a moment, crack a weak joke and try again, or ask to speak with someone else.
  • If you're in a mood, rather not shop. If you can't avoid shopping, then tell the person in the store that you're crabby. It'll make it easier for both of you.
Notice a theme yet? 

If you treat the person working in the store with the respect and care you would like everyone wins. Trust me, they don't want to be working the long shifts they have to work at this time of the year. They don't set out to mess anything up. And more often than not, they're juggling at least 5 other requests besides yours.

Just be as kind as you can, and you will get kindness in return.


  1. Ive worked in retail and I am sure the people of retail world thank you for this post!

    1. I've been there too. I don't understand why people forget they're dealing with people.

  2. I'm always polite to retail assistants, the upside is that they're a lot more helpful because of it :)

    But it also happens quite often that they treat me like an idiot when I have questions about a promotion, which takes a lot of patience not to loose my cool with -_-.

    1. I'm with you there. Being treated like an idiot pushes my anger right up.


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