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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Thoughts on grandparents

With the recent visit of his ah-ma, and just how happy seeing her made Keiden I've been pondering grandparents. And more specifically, how I limit any interaction he has with my mother.

Do you think that just as there are people who shouldn't be parents those same people shouldn't be grandparents? Are we supposed to expose our children to those we know have a greater than average chance of hurting them?

I don't see it as responsible parenting, if I knowingly put him in the ambit of someone who can be unspeakably cruel. Or is there something I'm missing.

For now, I'm glad that he has ah-ma, and a mim, who love him to bits, and get big smiles when we tell him we're going to see either of them.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think if you feel that it would be harmful to your child to expose him to her then you're probably right. Your gut is way more powerful than reason and what should or shouldn't be right. You're doing the right thing - for him and for you.

    1. Thanks lady.

      Gosh, this grown-up business is hard.

  2. I haven't seen my grandma in more than 5 years and I'm very thankful for it. I've seen what her emotional manipulations have done to my mom and I have no wish to be a part of that.

    So I would say, if you have reason to worry about the effect someone would have on your boy, you're right to limit interaction. If she ever wants a relationship with him it's also in your right to set ground rules for what shape it will take and if she doesn't stick to them, she's not allowed to be a part of his life.


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