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Friday, 18 December 2015

Dear Keiden

Monkey, it was with some shock that I realised that today was the last day. The last day, of it being you and I together at home all day during the week.

Daddy, just got home from week, and is now officially on leave. And he'll still be on leave when you start school. The closer, and closer it gets to the 4th of January...the more and more nervous I get.

I know that this will be one of the best things we can do for you, and me. But I'm going to miss you and how we are now a lot. We're also going to have to move tickle time from the morning to the afternoon when you get home from school.

Love you lots, always.


  1. I also have no idea how Nicky will adjust to school next year... but at least I will be around, although that might work against me... :)

    1. I think it'll work out well for both of you. Yay school.

  2. I missed that he is going to school!!! Thats a big step!! Good luck! He will be awesome though!

    1. That is our big hope. Everyday I see why this is the right move for him, and me. I'm sure we'll all be better for it.


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