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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sometimes you just need to sit in the sun

Yesterday, was a pretty great day in parts. Jerall's auntie Jan, who we stayed with when we had our Toronto holiday is in SA for a visit. She and the mil came down to Cape Town on Monday.

Yesterday, they, us, my sil and her family all had a picnic lunch at Warwick Wine Estate. Our niece M, and Keiden had such a blast running around, and playing in the fountains. The grown-ups sat under the shade, just being it.

The gourmet picnic they offer is pricey, but well worth it. And it's a lot of good quality foods. Jerall, Keiden and I shared one, and it was more than enough - even with our eat all the food kid. Drinks are extra. Also, remember to book. And that the experience is so much more than the picnic. Sometimes, just sitting with no rush to finish at the venue you're at makes it all just perfect.

And it turns out it was just what I needed after an intense morning at therapy. All the feelings and things come out when I go to a session tired. More on that another time.

If you're stay-cationing in Cape Town and the surrounds, Warwick is a lovely spot to just sit in the sun.

The winner of the Book Owl giveaway is...Cindy. Yay. I'll be e-mailing you soon.


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